We all have one major issue when it comes to fitting in stuff inside a handheld purse. What must stay? Or maybe it should be what must go? Either way, we all have a lot of trouble managing that small amount of space to carry the things that every girl will need on a night out. Here are some tips on what to pack in so that you know you and your handheld purse can take on the world.

The absolute essentials

So you have decided to choose from a selection of wedding clutch bags for the upcoming night of celebration. What are the absolute essentials that you must not forget to pack? One thing that should be on the top of your list is cash. Sure, you can just as easily and with perhaps the use of less space carry your cards but there are many places that accept just cash and you do not want to find yourself running around for an ATM at night. Instead go ready. On the other hand, remember to also carry your plastics like debit and credit cards with you along with your driver’s license as well. Next in line is a small power bank or backup charger and some coins. You do not want to get stranded with a dead phone and you will need those coins if you have to pay a parking meter or the likes. These are absolute essentials that you must not leave your home without.

Cosmetic and practical save the day stuff

One thing to pack in no matter how small your choice of evening clutch bags Australia are is a box of mints. Bad breath on a girl’s night out is just not acceptable. A small hairbrush that will help you to not look like Cinderella gone mad, safety pins that will save you any stress from unexpected wardrobe malfunctions like a torn sleeve or broken zipper, a mini perfume that will keep you smelling like you just came off the shower, some lipstick and gloss to keep you looking fantastic through the night, a bit of powder in case you need a touch up and some hair bands and bobby pins because we all know we need them at some point are important to carry around. Have a bit of tissue and a stain removing pen will save you embarrassing spots and stains from food or drinks as well.

First aid

It’s never a bad idea to carry around a few basic things like some pain relievers, bandaids, plasters and a little bit of cotton. If you are prone to gastritis and the likes, make sure that you have the medication on you at all points.