Wearing a jewellery is like a mandatory thing for a woman. As a woman, we all were jewellery on daily basis and on special occasion. The designs and the heaviness of jewellery varies according to the nature of an event. Whether, it a housewife, a working woman, a young girl or an old aged lady, everyone wants to wear a jewellery. A woman is incomplete without a jewellery. So, we all want to carry even a small pair of earing on studs on daily basis.

There is various material available in a market for jewellery. The choice of a material is solely depending upon the preference of a person who is going to wear it.

Following are the material of jewellery that are widely available in a market.

  • Gold:

Gold jewellery is used by Asian women mostly. It is gold in colour. Also, it has a silver colour which is called white gold. It is quite expensive. Asian women like to wear it in gold colour. Women like to wear rings, bracelets, long neck pieces and bangles made up of gold. They like to wear on wedding events. They like heavy designs.

  • Silver:

A silver jewellery looks so elegant and beautiful. We can make it customised with our choices and preferences. It is comparatively lower priced then the gold. People who can’t afford to buy gold jewellery would like to prefer buying silver jewellery. Also, we can make any gold deisgn and sets in silver jewellery. We can easily have a gold polish on silver jewellery. People who are looking at our jewellery never come to know it its gold or silver.

  • Artificial Jewellery:

Artificial jewellery is usually worn by the people who can’t afford to buy original gold, silver or diamond jewellery. they are very expensive but as all women need to wear jewellery so they wear artificial jewellery. There are various designs available for artificial jewellery in a market. The prices vary according to the quality of a material. Also, there is a threat of theft. So, people like to wear artificial jewellery n daily basis for shopping and workplace.

  • Gem Stone Jewellery:

There are wide variety of gem stones jewellery available at jeweller shops. People like to wear original and authentic stones like opal, pearl, and zircon.

  • Diamond Jewellery:

Diamond jewellery is very expensive but give an elegant touch to the women who wear it. People like to make diamond engagement rings Adelaide for their fiancé.

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