Is there a tropical vacation on the cards for you and your friends or family? Once all of the logistics have been cleared and you now have time to relax a bit and just get ready to hop on your holidaying mood, you will start to pack. One mistake that all of us do when we are going on a vacation is packing too many wrong items that will sit at the bottom of the luggage and adding weight that you do not need. Many of these things are not even really needed or used during the holiday itself. So here are some of those items that you really do not need to pack too much for a holiday in the tropics.

The wrong type of footwear

This again, has to do directly with the kind of weather that you are expecting. Handmade leather sandals are a great idea to carry along with you in anyway because they will be comfortable to walk in while you travel the city or the countryside. If you feel like there will be rain and puddles, carry a pair of sneakers or walking shoes so that you do not have to get back to the hotel feeling grossed out because of all the water and mud on your feet. The wrong type of footwear to pack would be too many high heeled shoes. You can carry one with you possibly in a colour like black or nude so that if you plan on attending a fancy dinner party they will pretty much match with any colour outfit but seeing as you are here to relax, too many high heeled shoes will eat up a lot of space and have very little use too.

The wrong walking gear

It will be warm and sweaty for sure, you are going to the tropics but if you plan to be walking a long way amid thick jungle do not pack only flip flops. They will give you very little protection. On the other hand if you do plan on doing some walking along the beach quality tan sandals would be just great for you.

Warm clothing items

If you really feel that the night time might be much cooler than the day time in your chosen destination, there is no harm in packing something like a couple of cardigans, some fluffy and comfortable nightwear and the likes. The best way to go about this is to actually check the weather forecast for the destination and see how it will be during the time of your travel. In addition to this, you do not need to be carrying too many long sleeved t-shirts, any sort of thermal wear and the likes. Even though it will be cooler in the night it will not be freezing. Remember these are the tropics that you are headed to.